The school has 4 houses that embody the spirit of the highest morals that humility upholds. The students have a strong allegiance towards the house they belong to, generated through regular Inter-House Competitions and events.

The Houses are:-
House Colour
Satyam Orange
Shivam Blue
Sundaram Red
Shubham Yellow

These houses intend to propagate among the students a sense of belongingness, teamwork, loyalty, and a spirit of healthy competition through regularly held events & competitions such as literary activities, quizzes, debates, experiments, presentations, dance and music competitions, and sports competitions.

The House-in-charges along with her team of teacher members ensure constant engagement of the students in various house activities which are thoughtfully planned and meticulously executed to cultivate a sense of camaraderie among students.

A rolling trophy at the end of the academic session for the Winning House is the constant motivator for each of the house members to strive for their best. These houses are headed and steered by capable house incharges. A student is allocated his/her house in Class - I and it continues up till class XII. These houses are a platform for each student to showcase and embellish his / her talent and sportsmanship.