School Premises

Shri Ram Shiksha Mandir is spread in 9288 square meters out of which 3000 square meter is covered. SRSM is divided in two buildings, one for the tiny tots and one wing for juniors and seniors. Both the buildings have spacious, airy, and well-maintained classrooms with child-friendly furniture & Nursery wing classrooms are fully air conditioned. The main building comprises of 42 classrooms and computer-aided audio-visual (smart class in every room). It includes a well-equipped D & T lab, 3D lab, Science Laboratories, Computer labs, Social Science lab, Math lab, Language lab, Home-Science lab, well-equipped Libraries, Dance Room, Music Room, Auditorium, Audio-video room, Sports room, Art and Craft Room, Conference Hall. The building is surrounded by a lush green playground having the best area for outdoor games like Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, and Football along with an athlete arena, providing an ambience for the sports-loving kids. Clean and hygienic environment further adds charm to its beauty. The building, is an example of a modern school of 21st century. Our entire building is under 24 hours camera surveillance to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Smart Classes

SRSM aims at stimulating and motivating the students by making them learners and humble citizens, investigators, discoverers, and doers. Each classroom at SRSM is equipped with a smart board which makes the teaching-learning process more lively and interactive. The students understand concepts through ‘pragmatic visualisation’.


SRSM has set up two different libraries for its learners as per their age group, in terms of catering to the needs and wants of our student body. Books and novels covering a vivid spectrum of topics right from inspirational autobiographies and biographies of the world’s most memorable people, events, and places to downright fantasy world tales are available to be used at random by the students and teachers. In addition, our school libraries also house all the leading dailies, the weeklies, and the monthly periodicals, local and national, magazines and write-ups dealing with an educational or a social appeal.


The large auditorium of the school enables the students to showcase their talent on a regular basis. It is the venue of all major Inter-House, Inter-School, and other school functions. The well-lit and spacious stage with a large screen gives a spell-binding look to any performance. The school auditorium has a seating capacity of more than 800 students at the same time.


School labs are a great place for experiential learning that aids students with the practical understanding of the theoretical concepts, however, paving the way to real-life application. We have spacious and separate labs that are fully- furnished to help students develop necessary skills for study and research. We boast of having Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Home Science, Math, SST, Design and Technology and Language laboratories with modern equipment and technology for students to have better learning experiences and acquire functional skills.

Activity Rooms

Believing the fact that during structured plays and activities, children are introduced to new ideas and opportunities, enhancing their development, training them to focus, pay attention, take turns and follow instructions. At SRSM, we have multiple activity rooms specially crafted to provide an environment and platform for the physical, cognitive, intellectual, social, emotional, and moral development of the children. As a part of this endeavour, our Dance room, Music room, Audio- Visual room, and Art & Craft room are all uniquely furnished to facilitate different learning experiences and foster overall development amongst pupils.">


The school houses a well-equipped Medical Room accessible during the school hours. Skilled professionals are available throughout to ensure that all medical emergencies are treated immediately and with utmost care. A full-time staff nurse is present in the school with all medical apparatus. The infirmary has four beds, a stretcher, a wheelchair, an oxygen cylinder, and other emergency equipments.

Counsellor And Special Educator

Given that the environment is changing constantly, resulting in tremendous change in our social, physical, and mental wellbeing, the children are no exception to these changes; in fact, they are the most vulnerable ones. Thus, to address the emotional, social, and behavioral needs of the students and to help each one of them with different approaches, we have a specialized ‘Counselling room’ with a qualified and trained ‘Counsellor’ to help the students withstand the changes happening inside and out confidently. Moreover, to provide further help to the children with special needs and facilitate inclusive learning, we have a highly qualified ‘Special Educator’ who caters to various learning styles and patterns of the children in a well-designed curriculum and a specially equipped ‘Special Education Room’.

Sports Ground

Playground plays an essential role in the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being of children right from the foster years of a child. It is a natural tool for children to develop resilience as they learn to cooperate, overcome challenges and negotiate with others. At SRSM, we have a vast playground for Volley Ball, Hand Ball, Basket Ball, Foot Ball, and Athletic track also. We also have an open GYM for fitness of students. We have a separate sports room for keeping all the sports equipments and it is maintained by the trained officials. It is regularly supervised, maintained, and monitored.

Staff Room

It is important for the stakeholders to take utmost care of their workforce and to get the best out of their resources which requires a conducive environment. At SRSM, it is of prime concern to ensure the same. Extremely comfortable staff rooms have been designed on each floor with teacher-friendly furniture. Every teacher is allotted a separate locker and table to keep her belongings. The staff room ensures a disruption-free environment.

The school has a canteen which caters to the requirements of the staff and students. It provides a wide range of items of refreshment at reasonable rates. Health and hygiene at all levels is taken care of.

School Transport

The school has 11 CNG buses driven by experienced drivers and managed by trained conductors and security staff. A Transport Manager appointed by the school is responsible for the smooth plying of the buses. Each bus has a GPS system. Transport facility is extended to the students of the school only and not the parents. The school reserves the right to alter or withdraw this facility on any of the routes with due notice. The routes are also likely to change in case of roads repairs by the civic enquiryorities for which no advance notice can be issued in such circumstances.

Points to remember:
  • Students are expected to be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the given time.
  • Those students who avail the transport facility shall be picked/dropped at the allotted bus stops fixed by the school authorities.
  • Parents/guardians should make proper arrangements to escort the child to and from the bus stop.
  • If a student wishes to change the bus in case of residential change, a written application will have to be given one month in advance.
  • Transport will be provided for the entire academic session and discontinuation or an emergency will not be permitted during the session.