HOS Message

High scores, towering success, and a comfortable life could be a dream of anyone, but a healthy and meaningful life created on a strong foundation of principles can change the entire course of our existence. Validation of the happiness is not to be sought from outside rather it is within. Every child is a fountainhead of potential. He requires timely guidance to chisel his skills and experiment imaginations. A humble approach towards success and at the same time able to handle rejections while traversing is the need of hour and I am proud to say that, Shri Ram Shiksha Mandir has a culture which nurtures latent talent, shapes personality, builds confidence and prepares futuristic citizens.
Our kids have a fierce competitive spirit to not only succeed over worldly hurdles but to fight their own limitations as well. They have learnt that there is no short cut to success and smart work smeared with positivity and dedication works wonders. In our stride of stretching the bandwidth of real bliss, we seek a bit from all of you, who believe that real happiness lies in ‘who you are’ not in ‘what you have or achieved. Our belief in producing leaders, who are imbued with a strong sense of self-worth, take on responsibility and have the courage to be instruments of change, will strengthen indeed with your constant feedback and cooperation.

Ms.Neetu Munjal