SHRI RAM SHIKSHA MANDIR conducts numerous Co-scholastic activities, which are aimed at the holistic assessment and achievement of the learners. This initiative ultimately lays emphasis on the development of life skills such as creative and critical thinking, effective communication skills, and the ability to collaborate with others in a team. The demeanor that students exhibit towards others in these domains can be observed over a period of time in terms of various competitions, and regular assessments.

The primary objective of S.R.S.M is to serve quality education which enables learners to face emerging challenges and accommodate themselves in the best possible way. Our young minds are given sample space to nurture their talent and to tap their potential when needed the most. Our students devote considerable time to the Co-Curricular activities, Clubs, and various Celebrations, Competitions and other arenas which help to make their school life memorable and pleasurable. These external classroom activities are vital to nurture one’s growth and ample evidences are stored with us which claim benefits beyond enjoyment. The list of aforementioned areas is endless but a few have been selected to convey the message of our sincere endeavors.