About us

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, surrounded by trees and greenery with a tranquil environment and a vast open space, SRSM is an ideal place for learning. The lush green campus is spread over 2.5 acres of land and provides an absolutely pollution-free environment. This prestigious temple of education was established in the year 2005. It is an autonomous, non-profit, self-generating body devoted to the promotion of education and holistic development of the students. The institution implements meaningful, updated, and responsive pedagogical practices to meet the requirements of the present generation.
SRSM aims at moulding young minds into well-integrated personalities that possess innovative thinking, clarity of thoughts, rational perspective, and a positive mindset.We aspire to create individuals who are morally alert, socially active, culturally conscious, and emotionally balanced.

We enable them to lead a fulfilling life that is laced with compassion, self-esteem, and a sense of responsibility. This is possible only when the foothold of our beliefs, concepts, learnings, principles, traditions, and heritage is not lost in the routine of everyday life. The rising popularity of SRSM is definitely an apt paradigm of success stories that are enriched with dedication towards social welfare and innovation aimed at unraveling latent potential in such a way that destination comes closer and becomes easier to reach.
Excellence in academics is only one facet of our student’s growth, whereas fostering meaningful education, exploring multiple perspectives, handling stress, and measuring every bit cautiously towards the acceptable norms, and taking decisions judiciously by keeping unwavering faith in one’s potential remain a perennial concern.