An Integrated and Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Our school follows the curriculum based on the guidelines given by the National curriculum Framework (N.C.E.R.T) AND CBSE.

SRSM is a place to pursue one’s passion. To achieve and sustain exemplary standards both in formal education and personality development by providing quality education through the right blend of facility, faculty and training curriculum for the all round development of a child, is what SRSM aims at. Our students experience the relevance of what they learn in real life situations. Thus our curriculum apart from class room teaching integrates practical work, projects, environment based teaching and learning, field trips and excursions, research work and our rich cultural roots thereby adopting the Integrated and Inter Disciplinary Curriculum.

The school has a congenial child friendly environment ideal for developing a complete human being with an enviable character. We at SRSM aim at making students global citizens by making them accept, respect and tolerant towards other cultures.

Meticulous planning that undergoes also lays equal emphasis on the proficiency of learners in the acquisition of essential Life-Skills, attitude and values, interests, and achievements by attaining learning experiences that are enriching in the long term. The entire Academic Department evaluates the curriculum, teaching methodologies, and curriculum execution plans to be undertaken by our teaching faculty on periodical intervals. The use of smart classes and other teaching aids are blended into the curriculum to make teaching interesting and learning effective. The school curriculum is executed as per the weekly plan and evaluation of the curriculum coverage is also done side by side.