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Welcome to SRSM, Delhi

Welcome to SRSM, Delhi

We at SRSM have a vision to develop the building blocks of society. Shri Ram Shiksha Mandir School, established in the year 2000, is a recognised, integrated co- educational, English medium institute affiliated to CBSE. It is an autonomous, non-profit, self generating organization devoted to the promotion of education and the overall development of the child. The institution implements meaningful, vibrant and responsive educational technique

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Mr. Dinesh Rana - Our Leader

Mr Dinesh Rana- Our Leader

SRSM is being run by RISHABH NAV – NIRMAN SAMITI, which comprises of eminent educationists and economists of a very high calibre. For the overall well being of an individual apart from intellectual pursuits, I wish to cater them an unbeatable combination of the doctrines of cultured etiquettes, elegant behaviour and holistic approach in all their endeavours , So that they stand with artistically designed and breathtaking splendour and can outshine in the lime light.

Education has been the only currency of every country. Imparting modernized and value based education is a social onus but by going parallel to render selfless meticulous service to the society at large.

By keeping my virtues high I persistently empower my students to shoulder the responsibilities and use their rights in an uprising way.